Abi Morgan had wanted to work with us again and we were desperate to work with her again. We decided to meet up without ideas and just chat. The first thing we both did was throw ideas at each other! Abi: Action movies on stage. Me: the story of an old couple's love life inspired by the TS Eliot poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

Rather than just getting the bill and admitting we were on different pages we chatted about the similarities! The focus moved from Bruce Willis swinging from a helicopter to Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. What we loved about those was the hero's grand romantic gesture that risked being missed or misunderstood by the object of his love. This linked perfectly to The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock!

Working with actor Sian Phillips was another high point. Her honesty, clarity and drive were totally inspirational. I am very proud of how this show touched the hearts of its audience and presented older characters/actors as strong and sensual human beings.

Lovesong focussed on an older couple who were struggling to come to terms with an illness. As they entered a crucial week in their lives their house became filled with ever vivid memories of each other. 


12- Sam Cox (Billy) in Frantic Assembly's Lovesong (Credit - Johan Persson) Video
Interview: Abi Morgan on Lovesong
13- Siân Phillips (Maggie) and Sam Cox (Billy) in Frantic Assembly's Lovesong (Credit - Johan Persson) Video
Interview: Scott Graham & Steven Hoggett on Lovesong
8- Lovesong Lanterns (Credit - Johan Persson) Audio
Music featured in Lovesong
13- Siân Phillips (Maggie) rehearsing for Frantic Assembly's Lovesong (2) (Credit - Helen Maybanks) Document
Resource Pack Lovesong