by Isabel Wright

After a Hymns show an audience member said she thought there was a moment when we were going to sing. I asked why and she responded, ‘because you could have.' 

She was talking about taking a moment on stage to the place where only something heightened becomes the right thing to do. We were very dismissive about the idea of musicals thinking they were all brash jazz hands but then I realised that we were trying to find that same moment in a show with movement. 

We wanted to find out if we could make a musical that was low key and the antithesis of the showy hell that we imagined (wrongly) all musicals to be. We based it on the song of Lamb and were inspired by the aesthetic of the Massive Attack video for the song Protection. The set was a cross section of a block of flats and we looked at how those lives intersected. The focus was on proximity and loneliness.

We were essentially trying to make a musical by breaking what we thought were all the standard rules. It was ambitious and naïve and maybe partially successful. It was certainly a statement of intent!


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